Tuesday, 8 September 2009

When I heard that our local nursery had some birds of prey on display I just had to go and see them, I am fasinated by these birds, and these lot didn't disappoint me at all

Well apart from him, but I'm sure his mother thought he was cute ---------

This guy was one of my favourites!
They were all so well behaved, beautiful and stunning.

'Hey you what d'ya think you're looking at eh?'

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My little girl's 13 !!!!

My little girl is 13 already, get ready for the temper tantrums, feet stomping, threatening to leave home, spots and tears and I've no doubt she'll have a few problems too.

Kaye and her fella Karl
Here's Alex, Georgia and Auntie Carole

Me and my girls....................

My mum and Beryl.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Me and my pal..........

Went out yesterday with Lynn my best mate of 35 years!!!!
We took our 12 year old daughters with us and I must admit that they behaved far more grown up than we did! We laughed till we cried from beginning to end.
When we used to go out when we were young (er) we would always have our picture taken in a photo booth so we just had to do it again didn't we...................time just hasn't changed us has it?
Ha ha ......................

Sunday, 2 August 2009

I've only tried 8 sweetcorn, 'Mini-pop' and so far they seem to be doing okay, considering they are in tubs. I shan't bother with these again though as they tend to take quite a bit of space up. We'll see anyway, I may be impressed with the amount of sweetcorn that I get..............but I doubt it.
I must admit that until I saw these furry tufts I had no idea where the sweetcorn grew from on the plant, from the top, middle or bottom, am I daft or what?

These are my chillies, I don't like them and neither does my family so I give them to Amanda, she likes them and eats them raw!

I have three pepper plants and they are all doing really well, I tend only to water them a little every few days and they respond very well to this. I may grow them again next year.
Here's my two butternut squashes (Hunter), I have another two plants on the garage roof, they don't have any fruits on yet but plenty of flowers so here's hoping they all do well.

Did you know that they are nil points if you eat them on weightwatchers? Eh..... did you know that? See you learn some things on this blog don't you, useless things I know, but still..................